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Whether you want to compete or just like to surf, the ESA welcomes everyone! There are two easy ways you can join the ESA:

  1. PREFERRED – Register online with a credit card by clicking here
  2. Print a 2019 ESA Membership Form to mail along with a mail order (no personal checks accepted)
Don’t Be a Spectator, join in the fun!
The most common registration question asked of us is,

Which age division do I surf in?

Answer: You must begin the new season in the proper age division each year. For the new 2018-2019 competition season, you will be surfing to qualify to the 2019 Regional Championships events and the 2019 Easterns@ Surfing Championships, so your age division is determined by your age as of January 1, 2019. Please be sure to check off the proper age division when you fill out the membership form either online or by traditional mail.


  • A discounted rate for a one-year subscription to Surfer Magazine (one per household)
  • Discounts at participating airlines, rental cars, ESA sponsors and local surf shops in your area
  • Competition membership also includes membership with Surfing America
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